In line with vTrader’s mission to help businesses across Africa receive payments faster through cryptocurrency, we are bringing the world’s attention to African businesses that pushing boundaries to ensure mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

In this article, we shine a light on a trailblazer who is redefining travel experiences and interconnecting the continent through his business, The Navigators. 

In an exclusive interview with Agbo Obinnaya, the Content Manager at vTrader Africa, Mpaogbuji Favour, a 27-year-old travelpreneur from Nigeria, shares a fascinating journey of adventure and innovation, breaking barriers through a lifestyle travel and tourism business focused on connecting Africans through fun and outdoor experiences.

Favour’s inspiration stemmed from a realization during his extensive travels across Africa – the lack of intercultural knowledge among Africans. The Navigators emerged as a solution, aimed at bridging this gap through curated travel experiences and fun activities, fostering connections among diverse African communities.

However, the business experienced difficulties with accepting payments for international bookings. It was this necessity to accommodate international bookings that led the team at The Navigators to make the groundbreaking decision earlier this year to start accepting cryptocurrency payments for their tours and hangouts. Favour notes this move as a response to the limitations of traditional payment methods. 

In his words, “As I said earlier, the incapacity of traditional method birthed the introduction of crypto acceptance in my community.”

Implementing crypto payments wasn’t without hurdles, particularly regarding legitimacy, trust and the volatile nature of cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, The Navigators’ strong brand reputation helped them navigate these challenges, paving the way for more efficient and trackable transactions.

The impact was substantial. Crypto acceptance significantly improved remittance efficiency, enhanced brand legitimacy, and attracted more international clients. This shift in payment methods also streamlined payment processes, offering customers a seamless experience and elevating brand worthiness.

Favour observed a preference for Bitcoin among clients opting for crypto payments, signalling a noteworthy pattern in customer behaviour. He envisions a future where crypto adoption in the tourism industry becomes mainstream, transforming the way transactions occur and boosting local tourism sectors across Africa.

Looking ahead, The Navigators plan to integrate direct crypto payments into their website, aiming for a more user-friendly and accessible experience. Favour strongly advocates for other businesses to embrace cryptocurrency in their payment options, emphasizing its role in enhancing brand awareness and legitimacy.

Beyond payments, The Navigators are exploring blockchain technology’s potential to expand their community and improve user engagement. Initiatives on platforms like Solana showcase their commitment to knowledge transfer, aiming to accelerate crypto adoption within local communities.

Favour’s story illustrates the transformative power of crypto in an industry reliant on seamless transactions and connections. As Africa’s tourism sector evolves, cryptocurrency adoption holds the promise of revolutionizing not only payment systems but also amplifying the continent’s interconnectedness and growth.

For entrepreneurs considering cryptocurrency integration, Favour’s advice is resounding, “Embrace the change, lean into crypto’s potential, and join the wave towards a future where innovation and connectivity thrive.”

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Written by Agbo Obinnaya.

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