Crypto trading company vTrader has made things easier for smartphone crypto traders with the introduction of its new mobile app. The mobile app enables, in a safe and instant manner, the transfer of digital assets between two parties. Moreover, all transactions are free.

The cryptocurrency app is based on the same principle as Revolut, which enables users to make currency transfers through their phone contact list. The vTrader mobile app thus lets people make transactions for free and instantly, but instead of fiat currency, they transfer crypto.

Users can send crypto to their friends through both Android and iOS apps. They can also buy Bitcoins for themselves and store them into their vTrader wallets. When using exchange platforms, many find it rather complicated or time-consuming to buy cryptocurrency, as they will have to create an order and then wait for someone to fill in that order. With vTrader’s cryptocurrency app, you can directly trade with any of your contacts without having to go through a convoluted process.

Supported Cryptocurrencies and Payment Options

On vTrader, users can sell, trade and buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Cardano. The supported account funding options include one fiat option, EURO and two cryptocurrency options: Bitcoin and Ethereum.

App Features

The cryptocurrency app allows you to consult and manage your wallet for each crypto supported as well as deposit and withdraw Euro. Users can send, request or trade cryptos with any friend in the contact list.

Website Synchronization

The mobile app is synchronized with your vTrader web account, allowing you to also check your wallet balances and transactions on your laptop or PC. Synchronizing the apps eliminates the need to update your transaction activity from your phone. So, if your phone battery dies, you can just open your vTrader desktop account and continue trading where you left off.

Which Are the Fees?

The desktop platform incurs a commission of 0.85% each time you make a sell or buy order. Additionally, there is a 1.8% fee plus a 0.99 EUR commission for fiat withdrawals and deposits. When sending, requesting or trading cryptos with your phone contacts, no fee will be charged.

Where Can I Get the App?

vTrader developed apps for both Android and iOS devices, and users can download the app for free from Google Play and App Store.

In order to use the platform and its trading services, users must complete a KYC, a procedure required by all legitimate financial services, as it ensures that all transactions are legally executed. This procedure can be completed from both desktop and mobile app.

Customer Support

vTrader’s support team is available 24/7 to answer and solve all platform and trading-related issues for all their users.

About vTrader

The vTrader platform was developed by three experienced Romanian programmers – Vlad Sas, Alex Gherghe and Codrin Rareș. The exchange implements strong security measures to ensure the safety of user funds, such as storing all the assets in cold wallets. The co-founders also set out to solve a common problem on most crypto exchanges, which is liquidity. The liquidity of their crypto pairs is ensured by using a system that fills out the order automatically close to market prices, placing the orders on Bittrex, a global crypto exchange. The fiat transfer services are enabled through a collaboration with the Globitex (NexPay UAB) company.

Note: The article was originally published on IHODL.