The decentralized exchanges (DEX) market sector has witnessed significant growth and transformation over the past 180 days. With daily trading volumes and total value locked (TVL) remaining relatively constant, the market has proven its resilience even in the face of external factors. In this article, we will delve into the key developments and trends within the DEX market, including the shift in trading volume to chains outside of Ethereum, high-profile DEXs expanding beyond their origin chains, and the momentum of top-performing projects. Additionally, we will highlight the impact of regulatory actions and explore the adoption of concentrated liquidity solutions following the expiry of the Uniswap v3 license.

1. The Shift in Trading Volume to Chains outside of Ethereum

In recent months, the share of DEX trading volume on Ethereum has decreased from 72% to 54%, primarily due to the growth of Arbitrum. 

Source: token terminal

Arbitrum has emerged as a prominent player, capturing 23.3% of the total DEX trading volume. This shift can be attributed to the launch of the ARB token on March 23rd, 2023, which saw a significant spike in trading volume on Uniswap, the leading exchange on Arbitrum. Despite a slight decrease since then, Arbitrum remains the second-largest chain in terms of DEX trading volume, highlighting the increasing demand for token trading on this platform.

Source: token terminal

2. High-profile DEX Expansions

Uniswap and Trader Joe have successfully expanded beyond their initial chains, while PancakeSwap struggles to gain momentum on Ethereum. Uniswap, once confined to Ethereum, has witnessed substantial growth through the addition of Polygon and Arbitrum, which have contributed to 40% of its trading volume. 

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Source: token terminal

Similarly, Trader Joe has experienced an increase in daily active users on Arbitrum, accounting for 40% of its trading volume. 

Source: token terminal

On the other hand, PancakeSwap’s expansion outside of BNB Chain covers only 4.2% of its total trading volume. These expansions demonstrate the importance of targeting chains with growing market shares, such as Arbitrum.

Source: token terminal

3. Momentum of Top-performing Projects

Several projects within the DEX market sector have shown impressive growth in trading volumes over the past 180 days. Trader Joe, Quickswap, KyberSwap, and ParaSwap have witnessed growth rates of 237.2%, 91.8%, 61.8%, and 38.6% respectively. 

Source: token terminal

Trader Joe, in particular, has tripled its daily active user count and surpassed its competitors in terms of active users. This growth can be attributed to the introduction of Liquidity Book solutions, improved token pricing, and a reduction in slippage. These trends highlight the need for future DEX development to focus on enhancing token pricing, slippage, and overall user experience.

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4. Regulatory Impact and Adoption of Concentrated Liquidity Solutions

The DEX market sector, like the broader crypto industry, is heavily influenced by macroeconomics and regulatory actions. External factors can lead to abrupt changes in trading volumes and the value of liquidity positions held by users. A notable example is the USDC depeg incident in mid-March, where trading volumes surged following USDC’s loss of peg to the US dollar. Furthermore, the expiry of the Uniswap v3 license has facilitated the adoption of concentrated liquidity solutions, allowing for improved efficiency and flexibility in managing liquidity positions.


The DEX market sector has demonstrated its resilience and adaptability, with trading volumes and TVL remaining relatively constant despite occasional volatility. The shift in trading volume to chains outside of Ethereum, expansions of high-profile DEXs, and the momentum of top-performing projects highlight the dynamic nature of this market. As the industry evolves, there is a growing focus on improving token pricing, reducing slippage, and enhancing user experience. Regulatory actions and the adoption of concentrated liquidity solutions further shape the landscape of the DEX market. Overall, the DEX sector continues to present opportunities for innovation and growth, attracting both established players and emerging projects seeking to capture market share.

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Written by Agbo Obinnaya.

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