Web3 is the latest version of the Internet built on the basis of a decentralized Internet, smart transactions without strict governance, and artificial intelligence. Building exciting, long-lasting products in Web3 requires a combination of factors, including marketing strategies, design principles, and development practices.

Here are some relevant factors to consider:

Marketing Strategies

Leveraging the right blend of marketing strategies can not only raise a Web3 brand’s profile but also earn users’ trust. Traditional marketing methods like thought leadership, social media outreach, and earned media coverage can all be leveraged by Web3 companies, but it’s also wise to lean into the space’s unique strengths, including its technology and commitment to the community. Collaborating with Web2 brands is also an effective way to increase exposure.

Design Principles

Web3 Design Principles is a collection of best practices that designers can consider when building Web3 user experiences and interfaces. The principles include transparency of data provenance, transparency of transactions, active guidance, consistency, and community values. Designers should consistently support users’ trust in code, data, smart contracts, and transactions.

Development Practices

The blockchain ecosystem is a fast-moving space, and so are the best practices for developing it. Some of the most important best practices for Dapp development in general and with Web3 technologies specifically include knowing your environment, not reinventing the wheel, using events instead of requests, and keeping it simple.

Examples of Successful Web3 Products

There are many examples of successful Web3 products that can serve as inspiration for building exciting, long-lasting products.

Some of the most notable ones include:

1. Ocean Protocol: A decentralized data exchange protocol that allows users to monetize and share their data.

2. Polkadot: A blockchain platform that enables interoperability between different blockchains.

3. Harmony: A fast and secure blockchain platform that enables the creation of decentralized applications.

4. Adidas: The brand acquired land in The Sandbox, a virtual world built on blockchain technology.

In conclusion, building exciting, long-lasting products in Web3 requires a combination of effective marketing strategies, design principles, and development practices. By leveraging the unique strengths of the Web3 space, collaborating with Web2 brands, and following best practices for Dapp development, companies can create successful Web3 products that stand out and earn users’ trust.

Written by Agbo Obinnaya.

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